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21 September 2006

Hi everyone,
This blog is getting very interesting, isn´t it? I´m going to answer your first questions, which , by the way, are very good.
First luna - I´m fine and you, how are you? I´m an English teacher but I haven´t always been a teacher. And you what do you do?
luiza campos - I live in Brazil nowadays, and where do you live? Is your town beautiful?
ana flavia - I´m 34, and how old are you?
anamaria - I speak English, a little Portuguese, I can also speak Polish and some Russian. What languages do you speak? Ablas Espanhiol?
lauriane - I was born and grew up in Poland. Where did you grow up? Tell me a little about your hometown.
janaina - my name is Tom. Is Janaina your only name or you have more names?

I´m really looking forward to your questions as well as some informations about yourselves. Here is my flag
Your Mistery Guest


  • Wow, you can speak lots of languages. Is Russian difficult to learn? Which do you think is more difficult, Russian or Polish? I am very interested in languages too but I can´t speak so many languages. I can speak Portuguese, of course, English, French and very little Spanish.

    By Blogger anamaria, at 6:33 PM  

  • yes, is my only name!

    By Anonymous Janaína, at 1:08 PM  

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