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28 September 2006

Poland and Myself

Hi everyone,
I’m glad to get to know you a bit better. Thank you Lauriane, Ana Flavia, Luna, Anaisa, Marta, Luisa and Janaina. Well, now it’s time to introduce myself a bit more. I’m 34, married and childless. I’m quite tall with fair hair and light eyes. DIY is my favorite pastime.

My hometown’s got about 3000 inhabitants. Life here is very calm, especially in the winter when there aren’t as many people as in the summer. In the summer many people who want to get out of the city come down here to spend some time closer to the nature. We’ve got a cinema, an excellent museum of our local culture, a river, a small dam, a sport’s club with a nice football pitch and some cafes. It’s a small town but we’ve got almost everything that a big city can offer without all that hassle and bustle.

Poland is a medium-size country in Central Europe. It isn’t as hot as Brazil, sometimes it gets -20C in the winter and in the summer +35C but for us it’s normal. We’ve got various landscapes and regions; the Tatry Mountains, the Baltic Sea, the Mazury Lakes and a lot of plain areas. I haven’t traveled extensively in Poland but for me Krakow is the nicest place. It’s very old and the architecture is very beautiful.

Poles (=people from Poland) eat a lot of potatoes and meat, mostly pork, chicken and fish. The people are nice and everybody dreams of going to exotic places such as Brazil in the winter. Our families are usually small and we don’t get together very often because we frequently leave home when we are 18-20 and start our own life sometimes far from our parents. Here are some photos from Poland:


  • what's your sur name?
    What's sport do you enjoy playing?

    By Anonymous Luiza and Diogo, at 7:06 PM  

  • I enjoy riding my bicycle. I think is´t a verry good excercise and I don´t need to spend money on petrol. Can you ride a bicycle?

    By Blogger Tom, at 5:30 PM  

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